Jantex launches at the Care Show with Scentsor

Jantex has launched to the Dementia and Care Show with Scentsor in November 2015.

Natural Infection Protection

Jantex Uk  team up with N9 Innovations to bring the power and benefits of N9 Pure Silver to the care and health sector

Jantex t/a Towels Direct, a leading manufacturer of towels, linen and textiles for the care sector are now providing towels manufactured using N9 Pure Silver™, Scentsor™ an aqueous spray, Scentsor™ Hand cleanser for staff & visitors and Scentsor™ Laundry Fresh for use in your laundry.

A new and unique product range to tackle the continued and topical issues with infection control and sickness in care homes and residential units

The formulation uses N9 Pure Silver™ which tackles malodours via 2 separate mechanisms… it acts on the bacteria which causes odours and also on the sulphur and nitrogen based odours including food smells. Scentsor™ includes a fresh fragrance “Blue Clouds” which imparts a fresh clean aroma to treated surfaces and laundry.

Unlike traditional fresheners and anti-bacterial products, Scentsor™ destroys the causes of malodours and continues to work after application protecting residents, staff and laundry handlers from potential cross contamination. The N9 Pure Silver™ manufactured into the towels and linen continues to protect for the useful life of the product.

Natural improved infection control, using 1 product rather than 2 or 3, clean safe and environmentally sound we can provide a low cost, easy solution to reduce resident, visitor and staff sickness and the costs and consequences that come with it.

As a care operator we have seen the benefits of this additional combined approach to our infection control regime and trials have made a noticeable improvement in freshness where needed and a marked reduction in staff and resident sickness.

We are looking to work with manufactures of textile products, staff uniforms, home furnishings, curtains and carpets with N9 Pure Silver™ as an ingredient, increasing the overall protection from infection.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact John Fuchs at 07880 726 500 or email at johnf@jantexuk.com.