Silver Fender – Scentsor & N9 Pure Silver

A unique range of products exclusive to Jantex using the natural power of N9 Pure Silver to provide everlasting freshness and natural anti-microbial defense.

Available in high street clothing and footwear brands Jantex brings you the latest innovations using N9 Pure Silver

  • Scentsor 100% natural, easy to use, low cost odour eliminator, spray it onto virtually any surface and let the natural power of silver deal with the root causes of odour, saving you time and money
  • N9 Pure Silver Towels – N9 Pure Silver manufactured into the textiles providing consistent freshness and protection from the hidden dangers of cross contaminations
  • N9 Pure Silver Robes – Providing your guests with fresh, hygienic guest and spa robes
  • N9 Pure Silver Print – Give customers the confidence of knowing you are using the ultimate protection from cross contamination on printed materials

For more detailed information on the benefits of N9 Pure Silver and how it works visit