About Us

What we do                         

  • Help you develop your businesses, improve margins and provide innovative new products and ideas to help you get into new markets.
  • At the end of the day we work for you.

How we do it                      

  • With the same manufacturing base for 16 years you get consistent high quality textiles and linens and your customers keep coming back
  • Products designed and manufactured for contract laundry processing and the rigors of some of the most demanding sectors
  • Quality gives you the lowest cost of ownership
  • We innovate to provide you with new opportunities to save money or grow your business
  • Our technical and market experience gives you the advantage
  • And we are fast, your bespoke designs are with you and in the market in 4 to 6 weeks

As a group

  • We have our fingers in everything from textiles, linen, pure silver, innovative wealth management, payroll plans and tax planning, creative marketing and design, child care and we operate a group of care homes in the UK


Our group is a market leading supplier of bath, bed, kitchen and table linens, to markets ranging from commercial laundries, care homes, hospitals, hotels, universities, wholesale, promotional companies, merchandisers and more.

Our Team at Jantex UK Ltd

7. John Pocock
Warehouse Manager
1. Nadim Admani
Managing Director
2. Nilofer Aydinli
Finance Director
3. Ibrahim Aydinli
Sales Director
5. John Fuchs
Business Development Manager
6. Amy Chester
Sales Executive
4. Julie Lindley
Office Manager


Unit3, Old Brickworks Lane
S41 7JD

Tel: 01246 293010